About Us

Welcome To Mandy's Electric

About us

Mandy’s Electric, Inc. is a licensed and bonded Florida State-certified electrical contracting company founded in 1988.  In 1994, after undergoing a rigorous application process, we were certified by the U.S. Federal Government and have performed numerous projects at the John F. Kennedy Space Center, Patrick Air Force Base, and various V.A. hospitals throughout the state of Florida.  Our projects have consistently earned “outstanding” evaluations by both the federal government and the private sector. We aim to bring this same level of excellence to each of our commercial and industrial projects.  Our commitment to provide our customers and contractors with quality work, honesty and integrity have resulted in many strong and lasting relationships.

Our Mission

Quality Work---We don't cut corners. We dot our i's and cross our t's.
Quality Ethics-------We make sure to comply with all regulatory codes at the city, county, and state levels
Quality Service---------- We strive to provide excellent customer service and education for our clients.

Our vision

Here at Mandy's, we strive to not only meet our goals, but to exceed them. It's not enough to simply install and repair electrical circuits. We deliver exceptional quality, educate our customers, and make sure that every last detail is taken care of.

Our commitment

We don't do things halfway. When you hire Mandy's for a project, you're getting our full support and dedication. We'll walk you through the process and make sure that everything is to your satisfaction.

why choose us

Our Commitment to Quality = Our Commitment to You

Over 34 Years of Experience

Having been in business since the 1980's, we have everything down to a science. You can rest assured knowing that we've got every detail of your electrical project taken care of.

exceptional team

Our team is made up of many talented individuals, who not only display utmost professionalism and customer service, but exceed the expectations of those around them on a regular basis.

Safety is our top priority

In addition to employee safety, we adhere to a strict set of guidelines at city, county, and state levels; making sure that everything is in order before declaring a project finished.

Fast Service

We pride ourselves in making ourselves available whenever you need. From quick repair jobs to government contracts, we're available to transform your space into what you want, when you want.